about the author

Michael C. Forcier was born in the sands of the Florida panhandle and raised in the woods of Wisconsin by two “cafeteria Catholic” parents destined for divorce. He grew up in the small town of Oregon just outside of Madison, and from a very young age he enjoyed being guided and entertained by literature and film. From Peter S. Beagle’s magical world of The Last Unicorn and Dr. Seuss’ cautionary fable The Sneetches to George Lucas’ science fiction masterpiece Star Wars and Steven Spielberg’s adventurous tale The Goonies, Michael began recognizing the art of great storytelling and soon found himself wanting to create his own characters, plots and settings. The first story he ever remembers writing and illustrating was called Yellow Dawn, a not-so-original re-make of one of his favorite movies, Red Dawn. Michael was in third grade at the time. That same year he wrote and illustrated another story about a race of aliens who attack Earth in space ships made out of common American foods. (Sadly, he cannot remember the title.) There were hotdogs that fired ketchup bombs on unsuspecting cities; chocolate bars that drowned innocent people in Hershey’s syrup. Michael’s teacher liked it so much she had it laminated and put in the elementary school library. From that day on, a dream was born. Michael wanted to write stories and turn them into books that would be in libraries all across the country – books that were bound by more than just small lengths of yarn.

Michael currently lives in Oakland, California with his wife and their two terrier mutts, Twain and Poe.