Author: mcforcier


My husband and I went to look at another house today. It was the forty-second property we’ve seen already this year. Having been outbid five times, we were forced to expand our search to areas deemed “neighborhoods in transition”. I wanted to be optimistic, but when we got out of the

pumped up kicks

Jeremy, aka Chode-Lick, decided he’d had enough. It was time to act. No more graffiti on his locker. No more being tripped in the hall. No more girls laughing at fake Facebook profiles of him. No more Dennis taking away his Playstation or hitting him when he forgot to mow

caring for mom

Today I went to see my mother at Oak Park Senior Care, convinced she didn’t belong there. “I had no choice,” my sister said. “She almost burned the house down! And the police brought her home last week wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.” I was skeptical, so I

my life with mo: too much hulk

My sister-in-law Stefani told me it was a bad idea to take Morrison to a PG-13 movie. She said he was too young. I disagreed. “He’s six,” I said. “That’s old enough for The Avengers, especially since there’s not going to be any blood or gore.” “Sure, but it’s still