Author: mcforcier

my life with mo: date night

I went on a date tonight with a friend of Seth’s girlfriend Martha. Her name is Allison. It was this first date I’ve been on since Caroline died. I think I tried on at least four different shirts before I left the house. Allison just moved to the Bay Area

my life with mo: oyster balls

Today I went to see a urologist. He told me I have a pearl attached to one of my testicles. Said not to worry about it. I was so relieved to have the situation behind me. I hadn’t been that stressed out since Caroline died. The whole ordeal started last

my life with mo: who shot ya?

Morrison’s school called again today. They’re such assholes. I’ve told them before that I don’t like to be bothered when I’m working. Unless, of course, it’s an emergency. This was definitely not an emergency. They just don’t understand what it’s like to be an artist. I shouldn’t be surprised. From

my life with mo: homemade pizza

This afternoon Morrison asked if we could go to Pizza Hut for lunch. I said, “No. That kind of food is bad for you.” “But Aunt Stefani takes James and Maya there,” he said. “Of course she does.” My sister-in-law is always putting me in these situations. She doesn’t seem

my life with mo: what’s an aneurysm?

Tonight, Morrison asked me about Caroline. I had just finished reading him a chapter from The Little Prince and was about to turn out the light when, out of nowhere, he said, “Hey Dad, is Mommy in Heaven?” I paused, not wanting to delve into spiritual philosophy. The last time