indian food

Indian Food, Part 1

Hello again. It’s me. I’ve decided to give this relationship another try, see where it leads. Let bygones be bygones. I admit my friends had a lot to do with this. They’re always telling me how great you are – that our first go round was an isolated incident and I shouldn’t hold it against you. So, here I am, and I must say you look fabulous. Really. And I’m sure you’ll taste just as divine. That’s not what worries me. I’m afraid you’ll deceive me again. Seduce my senses, then leave me in agony. I pray that’s not the case.


Indian Food, Part 2

Goddamn it! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you, not after what you did to me the last time. Now we’ve ended up here, battling it out once more. You, kicking me in the gut. Me, doubled over in pain, pleading for it to stop. My friends all said you were a great companion. They implored me to give you another chance, so I did. The beginning of our date was wonderful. You were so passionate, so compelling. Lured me in with your complex profiles and succulent sweet talk. I thought everything was going so well. What a cruel trick!

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