Short Stories

my life with mo: homemade pizza

This afternoon Morrison asked if we could go to Pizza Hut for lunch. I said, “No. That kind of food is bad for you.” “But Aunt Stefani takes James and Maya there,” he said. “Of course she does.” My sister-in-law is always putting me in these situations. She doesn’t seem

my life with mo: what’s an aneurysm?

Tonight, Morrison asked me about Caroline. I had just finished reading him a chapter from The Little Prince and was about to turn out the light when, out of nowhere, he said, “Hey Dad, is Mommy in Heaven?” I paused, not wanting to delve into spiritual philosophy. The last time

the denial game

After finishing with hair and makeup, Mary was led into the green room. In her right hand she held a wad of tissues given to her by the show’s assistant producer Erika. Mary’s other hand reflexively tapped her leg like a woodpecker trying in vain to appease some instinctual drive

larry and the witness

“I’m sorry Larry, but we have to let you go.” “Let me go? Why?” “Well, your profit margins are down.” “My profit margins aren’t down, Jim,” Larry said, somewhat confused. “Maybe they’re not down, but they’re not up either. Look, let’s not make this any harder than it has to

it’s good to be king

“This doesn’t look good, sir.” “What do you mean, ‘this doesn’t look good’? What doesn’t look good?” “Well, all of it.” “Perhaps if you gave me examples, I wouldn’t have to try and read your mind.” “I don’t even know where to start.” “Stop being so dramatic. Ever since I