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indian food

Indian Food, Part 1 Hello again. It’s me. I’ve decided to give this relationship another try, see where it leads. Let bygones be bygones. I admit my friends had a lot to do with this. They’re always telling me how great you are – that our first go round was

local headlines

Local Girl Gone Missing. Carly Jeffers’ Body Found. Police Searching for Suspects. Tommy Lee Gunderson Officially Charged with the Rape and Murder of Carly Jeffers. Father of Slain Girl Begs for Justice. Trial Set for June. Man Who Raped and Murdered Carly Jeffers Pleads Guilty, Avoids Death Penalty. Tommy Lee

the good life

Andreas set out for the shopping district dressed in a secondhand suit, hair slicked back as if he were planning to attend a lavish garden party. He hardly noticed the shafts of sunlight extending through the flowering lindens overhead, nor the gentle breeze that danced through the midday air. Such

heading south

I spoke to my parents today. They’re all settled in Charleston. Said their days of shoveling snow were over. Mom made it sound like an adventure. This past Sunday they attended a new church. “There were all types of people,” mom said. “African Americans and Mexican Americans, Regular Americans (of

trouble with allergies

Monica came into work late this evening, hair hanging down over her left eye. “A new look?” I asked. “No,” she said. “Just allergies.” I left it alone. The bar was busy. Usual Monday Night Football crowd. Monica got right to it. Pouring beers. Mixing drinks. Fielding unwanted advances. Franklin,

forbidden fruit

Rafael watched as she raised hand to mouth, lips spread, teeth slowly sinking into soft flesh. Juice dripped down her chin onto her chest. She giggled. Wiped the sweet, delicious nectar from her supple skin. Licked her fingers. Rafael averted his gaze, ashamed of his desire. Oh, what he wouldn’t